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Running the plants with BAST (best available systems and technology) efficiently and produce world class quality products, setting up benchmarks and delivering excellence on a continuous basis.
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Chairman's Message:
Dear friends,

The Integrated Cane Processing Plant at Gangakhed is 'a sweet deal' for all parties involved. The Company benefits from the synergies of being in a cane surplus region and addressing the entire sugar value chain. The farmers and skilled workers in the region gain an alternative source of income and overall growth of the region in terms of revenue generation, taxes, logistics etc. Ganagkhed Sugar & Energy Ltd. has a co-generation power plant capacity of 30 MW, sugar processing capacity of 6,000 TCD, and Distillery capacity of 60 KLPD with 1.8 MW co-generation power plants. Thus besides the primary Product sugar it produces electricity and ethanol from molasses/ sugar cane juice. Surplus water available from the sugarcane is also recovered and used. Additionally, the crushing and off-season coincides with the period of peak demand for power which enables the us to earn higher revenue from the sale of excess co-gen power. Since all the processes are integrated under one roof, the ICPP enjoys the flexibility to alter production according to market dynamics.
The Company is proactive in investing in the local farming community. A drip irrigation programme and an innovative satellite mapping system have been put in place to improve quality of the crop productivity. The Company has also made efforts to include the farmers as stakeholders of the Company; currently 10,000 farmers are stakeholders. Our efforts to continually strengthen our relationship with the farmers ensure an uninterrupted supply of raw material.
As an integrated plant Gangakhed stands to get several other advantages. Firstly, it is eligible to earn carbon credits which will create an entirely new revenue stream and carry tax benefits which will improve the Company's bottom-line. Secondly, the Company's eligibility for Mega Project status will entitle it to further benefits, Sugar is a capital intensive industry as compared to other industries. It involves huge capital expenditure and continuous procurement of environmental clearances. In order to combat these vagaries and generate stable cash flows, the company plant to takeover sick units and make them viable. We are planning to enhance our sugar producing capacity to 16,000 TCD, distillery capacity to 180 KLPD and co-generation capacity to 150 MW. Gangakhed plans to effectively deploy technical knowhow to de-risk itself from the dependence on the sugar cycle and to chart its progress in the industry.


Ratnakar M. Gutte

Investor Development Policy :
10,000 farmers are the current stakeholders of the company as they had invested for the company. The farmers have been trained for the adoption of advanced methods of cane development. This has helped them to extend the crushing season beyond the present average of 160 days without any loss in sugar recovery. Village centers have been developed to encourage farmers to adopt more scientific methods of cultivation and thus, ensure a stable income to the farmers.

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